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All About Me

      *I am a wife to a police officer and a mother of three amazing, crazy kids. We also  have two really large fur babies that always take up my side of the bed. Im still trying to figure out how my husband keeps them off his side. Maybe he trained them in secret?...


      *I am known to tell my family "Lets load up and go somewhere! I don't know where but we will figure it out when we get in the car".


      *I love being with my family and going new places, even if its only 30 min away.


*My dream is to go travel Australia for a whole month visiting different places all over the country! 


     *When me and my husband first met he was just about to start the police academy... that was 8 years ago and makes me realize how fast times flies when we get so busy with life.


     *I also work as a surgical technologist which is something else that I really love. Getting to help people feel better is very rewarding to me and I love the hustle and bustle of it all.


* If it wasn't for my husbands great eating and fitness habits I'd probably live on Zebra cakes and lasagna .

(It's so good ya'll!!!)


        * I love making people laugh. I truly believe laughter can make peoples lives better.


*Being a photographer really gives me a chance to use my creative abilities. I've always been more artistic than most and I love expressing it through my work. I knew at a very young age that I had a deep love for anything artistic, an eye to see something others couldn't and once I found photography, I was hooked. Match that up with my love for babies and that was it for me. "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life". ( favorite quote from a show I love)



Contact Me

2505 Miller Lane

Pantego TX 76013 suite 100


Tel: 817-565-9514

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