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Birth Stories

    As a mother of three, I only wish I knew what it meant to have your birth photographed. I like to call them birth stories because I take a journalistic approach to capturing the day your life will change forever. I will set back like a fly on the wall, documenting your birth journey.

   I can remember the trip to the hospital, a little bit of what I was feeling during my contractions and when I went home with each of my three children. You know what I don't remember? What I went through in labor, what my husband was doing at the time in the room, the first time my baby saw the world for the first time, my expression the first time I saw them, my husband cutting the umbilical cord, their first bath, first skin to skin. Birth for mothers is a complete whirlwind of emotions and hard work. You miss so much that you never even have a chance to remember, let alone even see. That is what a birth story captures, it gives you the ability to remember the things you never had the chance to see and the pure emotion of everything. I like to shoot at the mother perspective during birth so that you get to see from your point of view. If you would like photos of when baby is crowning that is completely up to you, its your story:) 

   When booking these session we will take a time to chat on the phone just to get to know you a bit and answer any questions you may have. Because we never know when your little one will arrive I plan to be on call from the time your 38 weeks until you deliver. I will have you call me once you are admitted to the hospital and once you are 6-7 cm dilated. I will stay 1-2 hours after the birth for breast feeding, skin to skin and documenting any family that is coming to meet the newest addition! Due to being on call, I only schedule 3 births a year. If doing a birth story is something you are interested in I always suggest booking asap. This way you are on the schedule or can find another birth photographer if I'm not available. These are always an honor to do for a mom and I make sure I'm capturing the feelings, expressions and details of your birth. All birth stories come with all your digitals. I hope I have given you a better idea of what a birth story is and how precious these moments will be. Here are just a few highlights from a couple of birth stories I have done to help you envision what a birth story looks like.


Birth Story 1

Birth story 2