When you receive your gallery and pick out your images, we will then place a order for the products you would like. I will help you to make the online order and once it is received I will double check the cropping with the sizes of prints you would like. All your prints will be printed on a double weighted premier matte paper that can only be ordered through me at not available for the public. With professional matte paper you can hang you art anywhere in your home and it will not cast any glare. The standard archival value of 100 years if displayed and 200 years in a dark storage such as a photo box.

  When you invest in your session I highly suggest investing in actual products so you can display them at home. All the products that I offer are professional quality that you just can't match with other printing services. My editing computer has been perfectly calibrated to the companies printer to insure the right coloring for your images. We all get so busy with our lives that a lot of times and sadly our images never make it past our computers. The walls of my home are full of family photos that make me smile every day and remind me of how fast my kids are growing. I want all my clients to enjoy their photos of their little ones every day just like me. This is why every package has at least 2 prints included in your package. I want to help you invest in your memories.

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