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  Thank you for your interest in booking with me! My studio located in the Arlington/Pantego Texas area on Pioneer Pkwy. All maternity and newborn sessions include professional hair and makeup for moms and use of our maternity/postpartum gowns for their session. I want moms to feel relaxed and pampered at their session because they deserve it!! It's a lot of work growing a human! We offer quality heirloom products that every parent will swoon over once we add your gorgeous images of your little one! Please take a look around and I hope to meet you and your family soon.



Dallas Texas Newborn Photographer | Crystal Wakeland Photography | Maternity Photographer| Pantego Texas| Milestone Photographer

Meet Me and My Family!!

Pantego Texas Newborn Photography Studio | Crystal Wakeland Photography | Maternity Photographer| Pantego Texas| Milestone Photographer

      I have been married for 7 years, together for 10 and a mother of four amazing, crazy kids ages 15, 13, 3 and 2 months.  We also  have two really large fur babies that always take up my side of the bed. Im still trying to figure out how my husband keeps them off his side. Maybe he trained them in secret?...


    I have always loved working with kids and also have a background working in surgery with pediatrics in ENT and did that for 8 years. I loved every minute of it. When I was photographing on weekends and working at the hospital full time I was pregnant with my 3 year old son. Thats when I decided I didn't want to miss so much of my kids growing up because the years fly by. That when I went full time, specializing photographing newborns. Now I get to go to my kids games, pick them up from school and just be a mom.


    Being a photographer really gives me a chance to use my creative abilities. I knew at a very young age that I had a deep love for art, an eye to see something others couldn't. Once I found photography 10 years ago, I was hooked. Match that up with my love for babies and that was it for me.