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Newborn Studio Sessions

   When your little one finally arrives all you want to do is stop them from growing up. It is crazy how fast babies change and grow even in just the first 2 weeks after they're born. Working with babies isn't just a preference for me, it truly is a passion mine. Motherhood, fatherhood, that sweet baby smell, families growing, I love all of it and everything it represents. When you finish a session with me, I want you to leave feeling like you've made another friend in hopes that I will see you again to watch your little one grow up.  I'm honored to even be considered. Newborn photos will only increase in value over time. It is something your children, grand children and great grand children will love to look at when they are growing up. This part of my website is a little different since I couldn't put every single baby I've photographed in get to talk about how sweet and great they did:) I've photographed a lot of babies and it's like they just get sweeter and sweeter! lol

   Every single baby I've photographed has a different personality, diffrent features/details. Whether it is a birthmark, a dimple, a certain pout, funny facial expressions or even a certain way they love to sleep. Some have slept the entire time and some wide awake for almost their entire session. The originality of your baby is what I strive to capture at our session. I am here to freeze the moments in time so that you can always remember those tiny details of your little one.  I have a 18 month old and look at his newborn pictures now and think, was he that little?  Just a simple reminder of when him and I first met and how tiny he use to be:) No matter how old they get, they will always be your baby.

   Once you book we will put you on the schedule for your due date. After your baby arrives we will set up a day for you to come to the studio. Studio sessions take 2-2 1/2 hours in length and really gives you a bit to sit down, relax, have a cup of tea or coffee and just observe the session. While at a newborn session any feeding or diaper changes are considered in the length of the session so we can stop as much as we need. I never rush these sessions as we want baby as relaxed and comfortable as possible. I always have moms plan on doing a last feeding once they arrive and keeping baby up for a couple of hours before the session always help ensure baby is full and sleepy to start our session. But I love getting those super sweet wide awake photos at the beginning, right before they go to sleep.

   At your session we will do one backdrop for the posed bean bag photos, 3 completely different prop set ups, colors and bonnets/headbands, parent poses, parent hand shots, detail shots (hair, lips, feet etc.) and sibling photos. I do have a studio policy that if you have siblings that are younger to plan on having dad or grandma/grandpa stay with them in the waiting area outside the studio after we take their photos just for safety purposes and to have a quiet calm atmosphere for baby. Sibling photos are something I love to do and always keep it sweet and simple for the brothers and sisters. I also have little prizes they can earn for giving me really great smiles:)