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When Should You Book?

   I suggest moms to book at the beginning of their second trimester, but you can certainly book earlier. Once you book we will put you on the schedule for your due date. After your baby arrives I will adjust the date of your session, ideally when baby is 5-14 days old.  If your baby is born early I will go by your original due date that you were given to schedule your session. If baby has come home and doing well I can schedule earlier than your original due date. 

   Studio sessions take 2- 3 hours in length. This gives plenty of time for soothing your baby, feeding and diaper changes, nothing is rushed. This is a time to sit down, relax, enjoy the session a get to enjoy this special moment stress free. I take care of everything.



What Do I Bring?

 The answer to this question is easy. Bring your precious baby, diapers/wipes and baby food. That's it! My studio has 100's of colors to accent your session and all my props are high end and specially made for newborn photos with babies safety being top priority. Furs, layers, accessories, outfits and everything I need is at my studio and I custom design your session to colors you love and that will work well together to print and put on your walls. All props are sanitized after every use, layers outfits and cute things are washed in hypo allergenic baby detergent. 

Newborn Editing/Delivery

   I do full skin editing for your baby so there is no need to worry about scratches, severely flaky skin or redness. I spend hours perfecting your images from your gallery into pieces of art you will cherish forever. Your gallery will be ready for you to view in the studio for a reveal  in 5-14 days after your session.  I will discuss what you would like to create a collection that includes wall art, digitals and albums and/or folio box. Please visit the experience page to view some of the high quality professional heirloom products I have available.

Parent/Siblings Photos

Posed VS Lifestyle Family

   I love photographing growing families!  I do offer pet portraits that are done as composites so babies are completely safe. I love incorporating the family and lets face it, they are family! Composites are two images that are fused together in photoshop to make a single image. Please inquire before your session about having photos done with your pets. 


  My studio has a full room dedicated for lifestyle images that you will get the option for posed or lifestyle newborn family portraits. I love capturing  the snuggles and connection of your family with your  newest addition. Lifestyle can also be much easier for much smaller siblings and most families favorite images. I have a complete postpartum client closet for moms that colors are specifically choose for my lifestyle room. Please reach out for ideas of what dads and children should wear depending on if your choosing lifestyle or posed portraits for your session.

Posed  Family

Lifestyle Family

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