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What is a maternity session like?

   It's very important to me that moms feel pampered at their sessions and feel gorgeous. All moms receive professional hair and makeup with their maternity and newborn sessions. I have a large client closet (30+) of maternity and postpartum gowns, robes, body suits and cute hats for moms to use. 


   Below are some examples of my studio work.  I love the variety that we can create with studio lighting! If you like standard portraits or a more artistic look this is a fantastic option and gives you time for 3-4 dress changes! I want moms to enjoy this special time, relax and have fun because they deserve it! 

Studio Gowns

   Below are just some of the gowns that are available for you to use for your maternity session and you can view the rest at your session. All of my gowns are very stretchy and fit most moms. 


Maternity sessions are best at 31-33 weeks along. At this time moms have that gorgeous baby bump and most moms are felling pretty good at this stage. Babies can always come early to and we don't want you to miss out by waiting too long.  Booking insures you are on my schedule. For studio sessions we will have time to do 3-4 dress/outfit changes.

Location, Location, Location!!

Below are just a few ideas of locations that I love to use all around the DFW area. I love shooting at new locations also, so if you have a place in mind I'd love to photograph your session there! 

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Oliver Nature Park

Mansfield Texas Newborn Photographer
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Mansfield Texas Newborn Photographer
Mansfield Texas baby photographer

This is by far my favorite locations. It has so much variety, is taken care of and even has this pond that is gorgeous to shoot by. I love to go to a secret spot here and shoot by and in the water as well! a small waterfall and knee high water makes for some incredible photos if moms are more adventurous. There is a little more walking than so other locations but it is so worth it. Nothing too hard of course. I wouldn't do that to moms:) This is also the location we shoot at after milk bath sessions.

Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

Fort Worth Texas Newborn Photographer
Fort Worth Texas Newborn Photographer
Fort Worth Texas Newborn Photographer
Fort Worth Texas Newborn Photographer

    This location is great and I love the variety you can get. When booking this location I like to shoot early in the morning, late in the evening or on a partly/completely cloudy day. (this is due to lighting) The location recently started charging $12 for adult admission, a $75 photography fee as well and  isn't included in my maternity packages. you would have to pay for these cost up front if you would like to use this location.      


   There is an option to go to the Japanese Gardens as well if it's something that you have seen and would like, but there is an extra fee to enter the gardens. The rocks, flowers, gazebos, walkways, trees and bamboo, it is always a beautiful  location and I love taking pictures there. I've had my own family pictures taken her and got married in the Japanese Gardens as well!! There is a little more walking involved but completely worth the walk:)

Dallas Arboretum 

Dallas Texas Newborn Photographer
Dallas Texas Maternity Photographer
Dallas Texas Newborn Photographer
Dallas Texas Maternity Photographer

  This location has sooooo much to offer and has so many great spots I can't begin to list them all. I love shooting at this location so much! If you are having trouble walking a lot, this location sadly wouldn't be the best choice for you. But if walking doesn't bother you, I highly recommend this location. I would even suggest bringing some food and plan on making the day of your session with your loved ones. After your session feel free to relax and enjoy the outdoors and wonderful smells of all the beautiful flowers! Going during the week is always a plus as well since its a little less crowded. This location does not allow changing outfits. This is the parks strict policy.

Milk Bath Sessions

    I think these sessions are very unique and love that changing the dress or the flowers gives a completely different look. I offer these sessions at  two locations, my home in Mansfield or a dark and moody lifestyle studio in Fort Worth.  I supply the location, lace dress (available in 5 colors), milk, green garland and the fresh flowers for the session. My lace dresses are white, black, nude , gold/nude and burgundy. I also like to head over to Oliver Nature park for some outdoor photos as well since its only 5 minutes down the road! If you choose the Fort Worth studio location it will be  mostly greenery  around a claw foot tub with flowers for the water. We will also do lifestyle images in this gorgeous boho, moody studio. 

Maternity Milk Bath Photoshoot
Maternity Milk Bath Photoshoot
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Flippen Park 

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