Studio Maternity 

Are you curious what a studio maternity session will look like? Below are some examples of my studio work.  I love the variety that we can create with studio lighting! If you like standard portraits or a more artistic look this is a fantastic option and gives you time for 3 dress changes!


Our Studio Gowns

Below are all the gowns that are available for you to use for your maternity session. All of our gowns are very stretchy and fit most moms with the exception of 2-3 that are a medium/size that don't have as much stretch as the others. If you do a outdoor session we only bring one gown due to the time of your session. You can always wear a dress or outfit to your outdoor session and change into the studio gown to get more variety though . We like to book your maternity session when you are 28-32 weeks along but can adjust the date once you get closer. Booking insures you are on our schedule. Studio sessions we will have time to do 2-3 dress/outfit changes.






Below are some ideas of locations that I love to use. I love shooting at new locations also, so if you have a place in mind I'd love to photograph your session there! 

Maternity session at Oliver Nature Park


 I live in Mansfield TX and this park is right by my house. We go here often and I know the park very well and all the great spots to shoot at. I find myself loving the warm light style and every time we get to shoot at the sunset hour I just can't get enough of that gorgeous warm, orange glowing light!! This location is located at Matlock Road just past Country Club Drive. The best spots to shoot at this location are endless. This Location has bridges (three to be exact, all different), open fields, pathways, tons of trees, even has a secret spot shown to me from another photographer which is a must go to spot especially in the summer that has large boulder type rocks in a small creek. There is some walking involved but no tough climbs or anything. It is a perfect place to enjoy what nature has to offer.

Sherri Maternity Finals-11.jpg
Sherri Maternity Finals-2.jpg

Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

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This location is great and I love the variety you can get. When booking this location I like to shoot early in the morning, late in the evening or on a partly/completely cloudy day. (this is due to lighting) The location recently started charging $12 for adult admission, a $75 photography fee as well and  isn't included in my maternity packages. you would have to pay for these cost up front if you would like to use this location. There is an option to go to the Japanese Gardens as well if it's something that you have seen and would like, but there is an extra fee to enter the gardens. The rocks, flowers, gazebos, walkways, trees and bamboo, it is always a beautiful  location and I love taking pictures there. I've had my own family pictures taken her and got married in the Japanese Gardens as well!! There is a little more walking involved but completely worth the walk:)

Dallas Arboretum 


  This location has sooooo much to offer and has so many great spots I can't begin to list them all. I love shooting at this location so much! If you are having trouble walking a lot, this location sadly wouldn't be the best choice for you. But if walking doesn't bother you, I highly recommend this location. I would even suggest bringing some food and plan on making the day of your session with your loved ones. After your session feel free to relax and enjoy the outdoors and wonderful smells of all the beautiful flowers! Going during the week is always a plus as well since its a little less crowded. Booking any session here you will get free admission up to 4 people and and one free parking pass included in your package!!If you are planning to do your session here and use a studio gown you will unfortunately have to come a pick up the dress the day before your session since the park does not allow outfit changes. 

Milk Bath Sessions

 I think these sessions are very unique and love that changing the dress or the flowers gives a completely different look. I do these sessions at my home because I just happen to have a large white garden tub with a huge frosted window right beside it which makes gorgeous light in the afternoon. I supply the location, lace dress, milk, green garland and you choose/supply the fresh flowers for the session.  Artificial flowers will not float so I always suggest going to a Tom Thumb or Central Market to purchase your flowers since they have lots of options. Another nice thing about these types of sessions is that they typically only take about 30-40 min since were not having to walk anywhere. I have the lace dresses for you to use in white, black, nude and burgundy, you can always bring your own as well if you would like.

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Flippen Park in Highland Park

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  This location is located in a gorgeous residential area and requires very minimal walking. It has a gorgeous gazebo with beautiful landscaping, flowers and gorgeous little pathways in the early too late spring time. I love that this location has a wide open area to get those walking photos of you and your significant other as well. We were lucky enough to get to use this location after terrible storms rushed over Dallas. The Dallas Arboretum was closed due to the storms and we needed a new location fast. This was definitely a little gem we found last minute and I'm so glad we did. There is free street parking and it is also dog friendly:) If your wanting a location to incorporate your furry family member, this is it! There is also a large water area with a gorgeous fountain directly behind the gazebo that we didn't get to utilize due to the storms blowing in so much debris. I would have loved to get a gorgeous profile, water reflection photo of this beautiful mother to be. This is definitely one of my new favorite locations!