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Newborn FAQ

When your expecting a baby there are so many questions that you may feel overwhelmed with! Here are some frequently asked questions that I get from expecting and seasoned moms.

1) Q: When do I book my maternity and newborn session?

A: Once you are about 14 weeks you can start planning! Booking these sessions as far in advance as you can is always suggested since they are time sensitive. Maternity sessions are best done at 30-34 weeks along and 25-28 weeks if your having multiples. These times you will have a nice bump and most moms are still feeling great at this time. Newborn sessions are done when your baby is 5-14 days old. At this time they still love to be in the cute curly poses and sleep a lot.

2) Q: How do I plan a newborn session since there is no way of knowing when they will arrive?

A: When you schedule a newborn session we put you in the schedule book for your due date. This insures we will have availability once your baby arrives. Once your baby arrives, you will contact us and we will adjust your session date for when baby is 5-14 days old.

3) Q: What if my baby comes very early and is in the hospital and we can't come when baby is 5-14 days old?

A: When babies come early and may need to be in the hospital for a period of time we will still stick to the due date. So if , for example your baby comes 1 month early, I will have you contact me once baby arrives and once your Dr gives you a release date. We will schedule for the 5-14 days old (adjusted) from your original due date.

4) Q: What all do I need to have for my newborn session?

A: The only thing you will need to bring for your session is your precious baby, food, a pacifier and diapers. We have everything you will need for your session including props, headbands, outfits, hats etc.

5) Q: Can the parents and siblings be in the photos for the newborn session?

A: Absolutely! I offer families the choice of posed portraits or lifestyle portraits. Posed portraits are with a textured, color backdrop and lifestyle images are done in our boho style lifestyle room that has a large wicker chair and a bed to get more interactive photos of everyone. I love that I can offer either style for parents depending on their style.

6) Q: How long will it take to get my photos back after my session?

A: Typical turn around time is 2 weeks. I always love posting a couple sneak peek photos on social media only 2 days after your session! I deliver a proof gallery in 3-4 days that are only lacking skin editing for you to pick the photos you would like to keep in your package. After you choose your favorites I do all the skin editing and have your fully edited gallery to you within 2 weeks.

7) Q: My baby has very dry skin and scratches on his/her face and I'm not sure if we should wait?

A: Please do not wait on your session if your little one has flakey skin, redness or scratches. This is completely normal for newborns and I will remove and retouch any skin issues. I do full skin editing for all my newborn sessions.

8) Q: What if my baby has already arrived and over 5-14 days? Is it too late?

A: As a mom I realize life happens especially when expecting a baby. Please contact me and we can see if there is any availability. I tend to fill my schedule 2-3 months in advance but if I can get you in we certainly will. However, if baby is 3-6 weeks old they sometimes are not as flexible in some of the poses we love so much. Those that are much easier to get at 5-14 days old. They have been able to stretch out for a while now so we may have to do more relaxed posing that is still super cute!!.

8) Q: When should I do my little ones milestone photos?

A: The first milestone session will be when your baby is holding there head up very well during tummy time (3-4 months). The next is once they are sitting up completely unsupported (7-9 months) and the last is their 1 year cake smash!! You can also do milestones at age 2 and up. It is suggested for 2 and older to do outdoor sessions so your child can run and play. At this age they don't really want to sit and look at the camera so being outdoors I can get great portraits of them playing and portraits of them looking at the camera as well.

9) Q: With Covid-19 is the studio safe or should I do it at my home?

A: I feel this is one of the main questions with the pandemic we are facing today. It is safe at the studio and I believe even more safe than your home for both your family and myself. Let me explain. Everything in the studio is disinfected after every session. Any props, headbands, bonnets, furs etc used in the session are disinfected and washed in baby safe detergents. for things that cannot be washed since some of my headbands and bonnets are very delicate, they are put in quarantine out of the studio for 7 days and put under a special ozone UV disinfecting light which is also used in hospitals for keeping surgery room sterile. All surfaces, door handles, furniture, anything that has been touched etc are disinfected after and before every session. At this time only moms and dads are allowed in the studio and siblings that will be doing photos with their new brother or sister will be taken at the beginning of the session then are required to be taken out of the studio while we finish your babies session. Parents and siblings are required to wear masks accept while actually taking their photos. I also wear a mask the entire time I am in my studio as well as everyone removing their shoes at the door to keep from tracking in anything from our shoes. I do a proper hand wash before we start or before you arrive and sanitize my hands regularly during/throughout the session. Sanitizer is also available and recommended for parents to use as much as they need. Currently I am not offering home sessions due to covid. My studio has all the things we need for your session and I know everything is disinfected properly and unfortunately there are too many risks traveling with my props and being in others homes not knowing which surfaces has been properly sanitized and is for everyones safety:)

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