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Dallas, Texas Newborn Photographer| You'll miss these moments

As a mom of four I know that time goes by so quickly. The words "they grow up so fast" unfortunately we don't really understand until the moments are gone. I can't believe that I have a high schooler! I mean if that doesn't make me feel old, until I'm thinking to myself one day "I'm going to be a grandma". Thank goodness I'm not there yet. I can make one promise to every client I have and that is you will NEVER regret getting the most special moment captured for you to remember forever. Maybe you are expecting your very first baby, or 2nd or 3rd etc, your baby is having a milestone or getting family photos done every year to show where you are now. Photos will only grow more important and special to your heart.

As moms we look at things differently and know how important these photos will be to our kids and our grandkids after we are no longer with them. I loved going to my grandmas house when I was little. I remember going into her back room in the closet and pulling out photos she had in albums and some even just thrown in a big box, piles of them! I'd look at them and think how weird it was to see my grandma and mom as babies, toddlers and teenagers like I couldn't believe they use to be young. LOL But it made me smile, it filled my heart and still as an adult my grandma will pull out photos for me to have and it means everything to me. Are photos an investment? Yes. Will you ever regret it? Absoluetly not. You'll only regret not doing it. Phone photos are not enough and to many of us know when you have to get a new phone or one breaks everything is lost.

So splurge for your families memories with a photographer that you love their work. Once you find someone that you love and put your own loved ones in those photos they will be more precious than anything you will ever own. I promise. And the moments go by so fast, so don't wait, these days will be gone before you know it. -From mom to mom


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