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What to expect at your session

This family had the sweetest baby boy! They also had a 2 year old daughter that I had done their newborn photos for as well. I love seeing their family grow. When you book your newborn session you may have lots of questions about what exactly a newborn session with me will be like. Most parents would say it was so relaxing, fun and not what they expected, in a good way! After you have your baby, the days just start flying by. You are tired, excited and feel like so many things are going on with your newest addition with doctors appointments. Newborn sessions are lots of parents first time to have someone taking care of their precious baby since they have arrived and just take a breather. My studio has everything needed for your session so you only need to bring food and your typical diaper bag. Props, cute accessories in any color you love,cute little bears, headbands and little outfits that you baby can wear if you like.

Moms arrive and have their hair and makeup professionally done while I start photographing baby. I feel it is very important that moms are relaxed and feel absoluetly gorgeous! They just grew a human and thats amazing and alot of hard work! Dads sit on the couch while they make some coffee, eat some snacks and play candy crush or whatever they like to do on thier phones. haha I have large glass windows to my shooting room that I keep warm so baby is very comfortable. Once mom is finished with hair and makeup they love to come peek at all the behind the scenes cuteness! I design all the sets with the accent colors that mom and dad sends me that she would like to use. If you have siblings I like to let them get use to me and peek in to see me with thier new baby brother or sister. I always get great photos for the parents even if the older sibling are not too sure of thier new sibling yet. Some kids need a while to adjust with the big change with bringing home a new baby, that's ok and completely normal.

We then do the family portraits. My studio offers a gorgeous lifestyle room for more interactive type photos or you can choose to use a gorgeous backdrop for more traditional portraits of your family. I do all variations of your family. Once your session is over I will contact you for a reveal of your photos at your ordering appointment 5-10 days after your session. I will help you with what sizing of wall art will best fit your home and you will choose the products that you LOVE. All my products we will go over at the end of your session. Most parents come to the studio and see a type of wall art and already know thats what they will want. A session with me is the complete luxery experience. I walk you through every step of the way for a completely guided and stress free experience. I only book 7 sessions total a month so that I can insure the best expience for each one of my clients. Because I love my clients, they really are the best and I love watching thier families grow over the years. I always tell moms, book early, even if its not with me so you know you will have your session booked once baby arrives:)


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