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Dallas Newborn Photographer Digitals vs Heirloom Products

We live in a world that is digital. From Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, just to name a few. I have so many parents contact me to capture the milestones in their lives. They are pregnant, they just had a newborn baby, their babies milestones or yearly family photos. The #1 request I get from clients is “I just want digitals“. And my heart just breaks and it’s my job to educate my clients☺️ Here’s why.

I get it, most people want digitals because they feel like they are getting more, they feel like they want to print where ever they want and it’s “cheaper”. But the reality is MOST people get digital photos, they post them on social media, maybe print a few at a cheap lab like Walgreens or one of those canvas places you see on social media all the time and never get to view their art as it is intended....ART!! The digitals set on their computer, sometimes never to be seen again😭 As parents we get so busy time goes by and we forget to do things, especially getting on the computer to order photos. I’m a mother of 4, believe me I get it! Haha Too many times parents bring their one year olds for their cake smashes and tell me they never printed ANY of the newborn photos and only placed on social media. Let’s face it, most are probably never backed up and could be lost forever!

This is why why I offer products and give digitals as back up. Cheap photo labs don’t calibrate their printers. This means a photographer can give you a gorgeous photo and you get it printed at a cheap lab ( they won’t say their cheap) and it can come out with higher contrast, orangish, yellowish and just not the way it was delivered. Every computers calibration is different. Professional photographers go through their professional lab of choice and calibrate their editing computer to the labs printing system. This means it is delivered how it was intended. Lots of people have never seen professional quality photo paper and don’t realize the quality difference is so much better!

Every photo that is delivered in digital format changes depending on the size you print. They don’t just blow it up or shrink it to the size you want. So the same digital printed in a 5x7 won’t be the same as a 8x10. I use to get that question a lot. ” I’m trying to order a canvas and my heads chopped off. The canvas I want is cutting out too much of the background that I want. Can you help?”. Canvases wrap around the edges, so you have to take in account that 1, 1.5, 2 or 2.5 inch wrap on the sides AND the regular crop factor from the size your ordering. What I’m trying to say is it’s not just ordering your own prints or canvases it’s knowing how to order them correctly and from professional labs to where you can get the most out of the investment that you made for your photos. As a professional I choose to offer heirloom products that parents love, are one of a kind, can be enjoyed in parents homes and archived so that your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren can see your photos and enjoy them. But you can still have your digitals too!! Lol I give my clients a professional service and luxury products so they KNOW the difference and will never go back to just wanting digitals. Why have one when you can have both?

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