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Experience our Arlington TX Newborn Studio

Updated: May 31, 2021

Our studio is a 950 sqft of pure cuteness!! We have props, headbands, bonnets, wraps galore! Once I got this larger studio, my husband was thrilled to have his garage back:) Parents love they can come to our studio and be worry free. Moms get complimentary professional hair and makeup with there sessions and our lifestyle room has a bohemian neutral style that dads love to nap on! lol I love that I can offer everything they need for their newborn session. Its a crazy ride when your expecting, getting things ready for the baby to arrive, getting your maternity photos... Then once the baby arrives your supposed to get them in the studio at 5-10 days old and have a 2 week checkup with the doctor? Things can slip through the cracks sometimes which is why I always tell moms to book early, like way early (3-5 months in advance) so you don't have to worry about having one more thing to do. This is another reason why I offer everything needed for maternity, newborn sessions. Moms should be able to come in, be pampered and relax so they can enjoy every minute they are in the studio with their new babies. So many moms say something like "That was so nice" or "I was kind of stressed about how things might go but that was awesome". Motherhood has always had a large part of my heart being a mother of 4. It's taught me how to love like nothing else, patience, strength and that I can loose my sh** sometimes too (during my mom life) and its ok, that's being a mom sometimes right?! lol Clients always tell me they have never met someone with so much patience. My kids would say otherwise. haha they love testing me sometimes:) Bottom line I offer stress free, fun, timeless sessions to capture these fleeting moments and wouldn't trade it for anything. So come join the Crystal Wakeland Photography family!!

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