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Hospitals Finally Opening back up!!

I'm so excited that our hospitals are finally opening back up to letting visitors in. I just had my fourth baby 2 months ago in an Arlington TX hospital that was not letting in any visitors which was very strange to us. I know so many moms during the pandemic couldn't even have their husbands in the delivery room or even at all during their stay which breaks my heart. I can't image going through birth and welcoming my baby without dad able to be there. It really makes me think how lucky we had things before the world seemed to come to a stop. I missed fresh 48 sessions and birth stories so much! Man it was good to be back and capture this couples second baby. I always enjoyed photographing there little boy and I'm sure he is going to be stocked to be a big brother! Nothing warms my heart more than when my 3 year old son kisses his baby sisters head and says "It's ok baby sister". Awwwww seriously so sweet!! For the moms out there that had to go without visitors and/or dads my heart goes out to you. But here's a CHEERS to getting back to the new normal:)

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