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My Newborn Journey

Our newborn studio is located in the Pantego/Arlington area off Bowen Rd. Id like to just take a moment to talk about my journey and some of my thoughts. When I first started doing newborn photography I traveled to all my clients homes. At this time I didn't have my own studio, it was only a dream of mine. Honestly, it was probably a dream of my husbands too since all he wanted was his garage back! lol I never knew when I first started that photographing little babies would require so much stuff:) I decided very early in my newborn photography journey that I wanted to do more styled sessions then just lifestyle type images in clients homes. I did photography for about 6 years before I found an absolute love for newborn photography. Fast forward 3 years later after photographing my first baby and It is pretty much all I shoot along with maternity sessions. As a photographer I tend to see things different than others do and honestly I knew this at a very young age. Leading lines to draw in your eye in a photo, the lightning and what it does at different angles and what it can do for a photo just by simply tilting your camera a touch. I still have photos that were done by a Kodak throw away camera from photo shoots I did with friends when I was only 13! They are hilarious! We used candy canes, different outfits and hair styles, different modeling poses. We even used my friends Iguana!! Lol I still have some of those photos too. My love for photography has always been there and it's crazy that I ended up getting to do a job that a really have a passion and drive for. Don't worry, no Iguanas will be used at your babies or your session

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