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Newborn photography after 14 days old is OK!

Lots of parents have heard that getting your newborn pictures is best before 14 days of age, its probably on every newborn photographers website somewhere. Because of this I get alot of parents frantic trying to schedule last minute photos of there baby because they feel the window is closing. I'm here to tell you this is NOT true!! The main reason you may hear newborn photographers say this is because when your baby is born their little bones have not fused completely together yet. This is why you see some pictures of babies in very curled up sleepy poses. After 14-16 days this process of the bones fusing together where they are not as flexible, which is why newborn photographers will say that before 14 days is ideal, it's more our preference but not a must. It's kind of like when you order a burger, you would like no tomatoes on it but if it comes with it you can always pick them off. Ok maybe that is just me, but you get the idea:) But when parents see/hear about 14 days is ideal they feel anxious that the window is closing and that they won't get those sweet sleepy poses after that. When I send my clients their newborn welcome guide to tell them more about my sessions and how I work it does state that I "like" to photograph 5-14 days old, but this is not a must only preference and does not change the types of photos you will get. A can assure you will still get the sweet sleepy poses that you want and you don't need to feel rushed. I photograph newborns up to 4 weeks of age. Sometimes a 5 day old baby won't sleep at all in a session and has trouble settling, then the next day I'll have a 3 week old and he will sleep the entire time!! My point is every baby is different, some sleep most of the sessions and others may not sleep at all. Regardless, if you have a great photographer you WILL get photos that you absolutely love and I always let parents know that. I want my moms and dads to enjoy the process and this special time with their little one. No pressure at my sessions is aloud, just a relaxing special time with your little one:)

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