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Newborn studio in Pantego/Arlington TX

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

I finally moved into a studio in June!! When I first started newborn photography I only did my newborn sessions in my clients homes. I feel this was a great way to really nail down my lighting techniques since my lighting was always different. This really helped me grow as a photographer and since a lot of people are unaware, in newborn photography lighting is EVERYTHING when getting those creamy baby skin just right in camera. I recently opened a studio in the Pantego area. I know, where is Pantego right?... In the middle of nowhere?! lol No, people have never heard of this small town but it's actually right next to Arlington! Yep, in the middle of the city:) I finally decided to open a studio because I really wanted to offer my clients a different experience. I wanted my clients to come relax, have a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy watching their precious new babies as I capture these earliest days that disappear so quickly. A newborn changes so much in just the first few weeks of their lives and I love getting to stop time for parents to look back on. If you already have had chidren, do you ever look at there baby pictures and think... they looked so diffrent, so little? I do with all three of my kids, honestly it makes me love what I do even more because I know that parents will NEVER regret getting newborn photos done. It is such a HUGE milestone in a parents life, everything changes. I've always felt I grow as my kids do too. Even a mother of three I'm always in a stage that you wonder when is it going to be over ( waking up at night, potty training and teenage years) then before you know it, its gone and it's something new we have to figure out together:) Life gets crazy and time goes by so quickly which is why you can never book a newborn session too early in your pregnancy. It's so easy for things like photos to slip your mind when you have so much already to prepare for like doctors apointments, work, the nursery, baby showers etc. Two months at least is always suggested since a lot of newborn photographers book up 2-3 months in advance and might not have availability since it needs to be done in a short window! Getting a studio was always a goal of mine in my business and I love it when my past clients that I did home sessions for get to come see my new space:) It really gives me a chance to create an environment that I feel puts everyone at ease. I hope if your looking for a newborn photographer in the Arlington area and my work is the style you love I would love to work together! #arlingtonnewbornphotographer #fortworthnewbornphotographer #dallasnewbornphotographer

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