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What Are Product Collections?

Some parents wonder what a product collection is. My product collections are in three easy steps:

1) Choose a piece of wall art like canvases, acrylic prints and heirloom wood prints.

2) Choose how many digitals you want.

3) Choose either an album or folio box (folio boxes are 5x7 prints put in a 8x10 mat and stored in a wooden/glass preview box).

I love that product collections give you the option to choose what you love and gives you a little bit of everything!

Too many times I've had returning clients for family or milestone photos that had never got any of their previous digitals printed. We are living in a fast pased, digital world. But... what happens to the digitals after you have posted them to social media? Unfortunetly, the reality is, as parents we get so busy and don't have time or honestly just forget and your gorgeous art sits on your computer. Sometimes even if you do get around to printing you are not getting quality prints that are available to the public. Maybe you order a canvas from a site you have seen from Facebook or Instagram etc. Parents never get to see what quality artwork looks like so they can't compair them. There is a big diffrence and I love seeing the look on my clients faces when they get to see what it looks like. Seriously, you'll never be satified with anything else. Plus I do everything for you!

Don't worry your head about getting things printed, where to do it, what crops work best with what photos, is the company your ordering from calibrated the same to get the right coloring for your images, how to design an album that will look gorgeous and not just one photo per page etc. Spend that extra time with your family and not at a computer.

This is why I offer product collections. I want all my clients to have the full experience of true art in there home that they will have for years to come. Don't invest in something that will set on a computer forever and possibly get lost if your computer crashes or if they get deleted or even lost. You can't get these memories back. I say why have digitals when you can have both!! Best of both worlds and you don't have to lift a finger:)

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