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When should I get my maternity photos done?

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

I always tell moms that getting their maternity photos are best at 32-34 weeks and should be scheduled way in advance. I have 4 kids and the older I got, the harder pregnancy was for me. Doing your maternity photos earlier around 32 weeks, moms are a lot more comfortable and not at that "I'm over it" stage of pregnancy. You still have that nice baby belly that we want too! I had my youngest incorporated in mine own maternity photos and he really had fun.I got my own maternity photos at 33 weeks and if my photographer asked me to lay in the floor at 35 weeks I wouldn't have been able to get back up. haha I offer hair and makeup for all my clients and gorgeous gowns because every mom should feel amazing during their session. Who doesn't want to feel like a goddess, am I right?! As moms tend to feel wore out and tired during pregnancy and I love that moms feel refreshed and ready to rock their sessions! This always shows through their photos too. All I wanted to do when I was pregnant was eat and get my toes done. lol Ok maybe I still do...

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