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First Newborn Session of 2019!!

Happy New year everyone!! I can tell 2019 is going to be an awesome year because it started off right with this sweet baby boy named Chase. He slept so well through his session and was slightly sensitive to my touch which is completely normal of course. I mean, If I was sleeping and some lady kept moving me around I'd certainly have something to say about it! lol He had an older brother that was 2 1/2 as well that the parents wanted photographed with his new baby brother. He was really not liking the photos but mom and dad did a great job helping me get a few shots. Grandma was even their to help with the family portrait!

This session went really well and before we got started mom really wanted to recreate the froggy pose that his big brother had done when he was a newborn. This pose is loved by lots of moms and let's face it, it's ADORABLE!! Unfortunately baby boy just didn't like being in the position (some babies don't) but we got a very sweet potato sack pose instead which I think mom really loved. I feel it's always top priority that the baby is always comfortable, we don't want him/her to be upset and unfortunately especially with the froggy pose their are some babies that just won't have it and that's ok.

I love getting the chance to work with babies and just get to learn their movements and what they like and dislike at their session. All babies are different, some will sleep though it all, some are wide awake most of the session, some would rather be on their belly and some would rather be on their back or side. Sometimes as parents we see these sweet sleepy newborn poses and think but "Oh no, he/she is wide awake":) I try and let the parents know this is completely normal and some of my favorite shots are of newborns that are wide awake! They will eventually go to sleep at some point in the session and theirs no reason to get worried. I found that going with the flow of your baby and what he/she likes and dislikes is key, after all they are the boss:)

I feel getting to work with my clients at their homes is another key as well. Newborns can since if mom is stressed, relaxed or nervous. What's more relaxing than the comfort of your own home? A lot of parents don't want to come home and then have to load up their new baby and siblings to sit in a studio for 2-3 hours. That's why I do all my sessions at my clients home. If the siblings need to take a nap they can and in their room. If mom or dad wants to take a nap on the couch while I'm doing the session (with the other parent their of course) they can! Or if someone gets hungry or thirsty they know where they can get it:) I figure if it's more enjoyable for mom and dad it will be more enjoyable for baby and the siblings as well!!

So here's to 2019 and all the gorgeous moms to be. I'm looking forward to meeting all the new additions in 2019, it's going to be an amazing year you guys, I can feel it!!!!

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