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The Lockdown

Crazy times we are in now huh? I never thought that our worlds would be turned upside down due to Covid -19, a worldwide pandemic. It's like are lives turned into something you see in a movie trailer. While everything shut down and my family was now home 24-7, it was a nice to slow down even with all the craziness happening. It really made me feel like there was something bigger behind all of this. This event made are lives stand still and made us evaluate things we take for granted every day in our busy lives. Take a hard look at all the blessings we tend to look over. As a business owner I was scared like everyone else that maybe I wouldn't have a buisness after this was all over. So many unknowns of how long this would have all our lives at a halt. Now that things are getting back to a "new" normal it makes me more grateful that I'm getting back to what I love most, photographing babies. Looking back I think all the things I needed to do that were put on hold do to working life that finally got done with the stay at home order we had. I even got the whole family to pitch in to pant the inside of our house!! hehe They never seen it coming:) I even learned to sew baby clothes! Who would have thought?:) What did you do or learn with your down time?? Id love to here

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